Can we use lights and cords/timers that we already own, or do we have to purchase/lease everything from you?

Yes, as long as these items have been tested to be in good working order by the client, we can install your lights and use your cords and timers. Sometimes, however, we must make some small changes to old lights, such as type of clips used, which incurs a charge.

NOTE ABOUT LEDs: we do not generally install LED strings that were purchased from big box stores, as they cannot be spliced and custom-fit to your roofline. Only commercial LEDs are installed, as they are far more flexible and also look a lot better!



Do I need to be present for the installation?

No, you do not. We will make arrangements during the estimate process and set a date to come and install your lights. Most clients leave anything we need from them, and we bring what we need to complete the installation.



Do we lease or own the lights?

Most of our clients purchase the lights the first year of installation, and reuse these lights, cords, adapters, and timers for many years. Other clients already own their own lights, which we can install if they have been tested to be in good working order. We do offer an option to lease everything as well.



Do you maintain the lights until removal?

Yes, we do maintain the lights at no charge, as long as they are due to normal wear and tear. This includes burnt out bulbs, faulty timers, faulty lights, etc. The exceptions are:

     If clients have added to the installation, causing an overload, we may assess a service fee


     We cover damage by critters (squirrels chewing wires is common) one time at no charge

     Damage due to extreme weather may assess a small service fee



What are the advantages of LED lights over traditional incandescent Christmas lights?

The advantages are many, the only disadvantage really being the higher cost of LEDs.

     LEDs are much brighter and do not fade over time, as the housing of each individual bulb is formed from a plastic which is not dipped in paint, but is actually formed of a high-quality plastic of that color.

     LEDs consume a fraction of the energy compared to traditional lights.Your electric bill will be almost unaffected by the Christmas light display.

     Use of far fewer extension cords, adapters, and timers. Since LEDs can be strung in much longer series, they do not require as many timers and cords, which results in some cost savings.

     LEDs last an extremely long time, therefore saving the cost of replacement bulbs and strands. For instance, an average commercial LED C9 bulb has about 50,000 hours of life, compared to a 3,000 hour life of an incandescent C9 bulb.



What is the average cost for installation and removal?

This greatly depends on the display you are wishing to achieve, and other factors such as pitch of roof, difficulty maneuvering equipment around landscaping, etc. We do not charge by the linear foot for these reasons, but rather give an estimate based on these and other factors. Our minimum labor charge is $250 to install and $75 to remove for a fairly basic display. Materials, if not already owned, would be a separate charge.



Who stores the lights in the off-season?

Most displays can be stored inside one or two 30 gallon tubs, and many clients choose to store their own lights in their garage or attic. We do offer a storage option, and this fee starts at $50, depending on the amount of lights we store for you.



How do we pay?

We give you an invoice upon completion of the installation, and ask that payment be made within seven days of receipt. We accept personal checks, cash, credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay cash.



Any other questions? Give us a call, or send us an e-mail! Someone will respond to you promptly

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